Joan Santos

Ms. Joan has been in the performing arts since she was 5, starting off with singing and did vocal training since 6 years old. She trained in figure skating for 6 years before reaching high school. Ms. Joan began dancing at a young age performing traditional Filipino dances at church, recitals, and other functions. However, my interest in dance peaked when she joined my high school’s dance team which has opened up more styles of dance that she has learned to love such as Hip-Hop, Ballet, and other cultural dances such as Polynesian. Other than dance, she is involved in lots of high school clubs that take part in serving our community as well as being in the honors program at Norco College. During her free time, she would volunteer at the local hospital, participate in community clean-ups as well as donate to charity programs.


She loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. she loves teaching the kids at On Pointe and seeing their progress.

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