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Bailey Mahaffey grew up in Corona, California training with Just Plain Dancin’. She competed with Kar, Starpower, Rainbow and Move dance circuits where she won several national titles with her team. She additionally competed for Santiago dance team, where she became a protege assistant for West Coast Elite Dance. Throughout her early dance career she performed with the dance companies “Point of View” under Terry Schulke and “Chapters” under Talia Favia. Bailey Graduated from UCLA in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in dance and minor in visual and performing arts education. During her time in college she was the artistic director for Expressive Movement Initiative, a nonprofit working to bring dance to children with developmental disorders, and was hired by UCLA as a movement specialist for LAUSD 5th grade classes. She has been teaching a variety of styles since she was 15 years old, however her favorite to perform and teach is Modern. Her goal as a teacher is to provide a safe and loving learning environment for all levels and ages of dancers. When she is not teaching she is working as a backstage competition director or trying to master a new diy craft project. In the future Bailey hopes to receive her master degree in dance or early childhood development.

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