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Izzy Espinoza 


Izzy is a young, glowing, and  energetic instructor who has been dancing 16 out of the 20 years of her life. She has been expertly trained in a wide spectrum of genres including jazz, ballet, contemporary, tap, and hip hop. Starting her journey at 4 years old, by age 6 and onwards she was already competing at a national level.  Isabella has attended a staggering amount of dance conventions throughout her career, earning and receiving a multitude of awards, scholarships, and recognition. 


Izzy was on the varsity dance team at the performing arts school Encore and made captain within two years. On top of that, while she attended Encore Izzy took it upon herself to train in cirque du soleil for 4 years all while taking part in many school performances and plays. 


Currently Izzy is on the prestigious Inland Empire 66ers dance team.  She attends Riverside City College, and is a part of their Dance Team as well. “Ms. Izzy” is beyond dedicated to each and every one of her students and looks forward every lesson to further improving their abilities. 

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