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Madisen Fragosa


Madisen began dancing at age 4 and has always known she was meant for the stage. She then entered the world of pageantry in 2005 and won numerous titles and national awards over the course of 13 years. While still dancing, Madisen received training at DeAnn's Jump Dance & Performing Art Center where she learned various styles of dance and joined the competition team, winning several awards throughout her career.
With a passion for both dance and theater, Madisen pursued professional roles onstage, including playing 'Flounder' in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' at Performance Riverside and 'Rosalia' in 'Westside Story' at Theatre Royale. Madisen has taken time away from performing to focus on teaching and choreography at On Pointe for six years now. Throughout her journey as an artist so far, what matters most is staying true to oneself while continuously pushing boundaries creatively - something we can all learn from!

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