Perform with On Pointe Dance Studio

There are many different ways to perform at On Pointe, click on the tab below for more info on our ballet performances, annual recitals, performing groups and competition teams


Q: Are recitals mandatory?

A: Absolutely not. Recitals at On Pointe are completely optional, but a lot of fun. Dancers may still participate in classes whether they participate in recitals or not. There are added costs to participate in recitals including costume fees  ($105-$125per costume). Dancers and volunteers do not need an admission ticket for recital. All dancers tuition must be current and they must not miss class at least 2 weeks before recital (both may result in termination from recital participation).

Q: Where are recitals located? 

A: On Pointe recitals are held at the Riverside Fox Theater at 3801 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, CA.

Q: How can my child participate in recital?
A: There are 4 ways to have your child participate….
          1. Class routine- they will learn a routine in class and dance with their class at recital (see recital page to find out if your class is participating in an upcoming recital)
          2.  Specialty routine- all On Pointe dancers ages 5+ are invited to participate in the specialty routine (this class will meet one month prior to recital)
         3. Parent/Child routine- all On Pointe dancers are invited to participate in this special routine between parent and child
         4. Performing group- All performing group routines perform at local community events, in addition to recitals throughout the season

Q: Does my child need to stay backstage for the whole recital?

A: Dancers may be picked up by a parent immediately following their performance at the backstage door (where they were dropped off), but they will NOT be allowed to come backstage after released, which means they won't participate in the recital finale. All dancers 4 and under MUST be picked up by their parent immediately following their performance.  All other dancers must remain backstage for the whole show. Please send one parent ONLY to pick up your dancer after the show. This is a lengthy process, as we want to make sure each child is returned safely to their parent. Please be patient and cooperative during this process.

Q: When are recital tickets on sale?

A:Please see each tab above for appropriate recital ticket information

Q: Is there a dress rehearsal for recital? 

A: Yes! Please see each tab for appropriate dress rehearsal information

Q: Do I need to purchase tickets for admission to watch recital? 

A: Yes, all audience members 3+ yrs must have an admission tickets for recital. Seating is reserved so children 2 and under will need to sit on a lap if they don't have a ticket for admission. Dancers in the show do NOT need to purchase a ticket to dance in recital, but they will need an admission ticket to sit in the audience as seating is reserved.

Q: Can I volunteer to help backstage at recital?

A: A woman guardian only may volunteer backstage. Please send volunteer inquiries to 2 months prior to recital date. We will have a mandatory on-line volunteer meeting for new volunteers

Q: Does On Pointe hold other performances other than recitals?

A: Yes! We have a performing group, hip hop crew and competition team that provides extra performance opportunities for our dancers, click on the button above to learn more about performing group and competition team

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