Build a ship, before you burn a bridge. Your industry is smaller than you think.

Hi there and happy Sunday! Today I want to touch on a subject that I feel is so important and often overlooked. No matter the industry you are in, it's small. My industry is dance and I find this to be very true. This weekend some of the dancers from my studio, myself and a few instructors attended a huge dance convention. We attend it every year and while some change, most of the faces we see are the same...year after year. It's like a reunion. I look forward to seeing friends, colleagues, former staff members and students. It definitely had me thinking, i'm glad I haven't burned these bridges! At the convention, Denise Wall herself said what most of us think, she'd rather work with a hard working, on time, respectful dancer than the most talented dancer who has a bad attitude. All I can say is Amen to that!

In unrelated events, 3 times this week.....3 TIMES! I had different colleagues, friends and acquaintances mention people we knew in common from completely different circles. I'm so thankful for these relationships. In all three circumstances it helped me that I knew these people, and even helped me earn a great business opportunity. I truly try to treat everyone with respect and be cordial, no matter the circumstance so I wasn't worried about what someone had to say about me or my character to the other person.

Back to the dance convention...sometimes I see dancers/ athletes, their parents or even instructors have attitudes, act disrespectfully or have a "rival" mentality towards one another. I don't think they realize how this will affect them in their future..even 10, 20 years down the road. Believe me when I say, it absolutely will! Many of my friends direct and/or teach at studios across Southern California and we talk! We share our experiences about our dancers, former colleagues, people we have come across in general and we definitely give feedback to help them if a dancer is now auditioning for a part in their production or at their studio or someone we know is interviewing to work with them, etc. We are all here for the common goal of loving the art of dance so let's encourage each other, work together and share this beautiful art.

You never know who is watching or how your actions will affect your future. Not only for that reason, but also so your conscience is clear and you can continue to thrive in your life..make sure you treat everyone including yourself with respect, integrity, strong work ethic and you will never have to worry about whether you "built a ship, or burned a bridge". You never know when one experience can affect a job, part in a huge production or be a stepping stone to your big break. How will you work on building a ship

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