Focus on solutions, instead of problems

I'm sure you've heard the quote "Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution". While it drives my crazy when someone focuses on a problem rather than how a task can be completed, I don't think it's only negative people who do this. I think some people don't know any better or are brought up this way because their parents focused on the negative or the people closest to them did, but I can tell you 100% you are not going to reach your full potential if you continue to focus on what can't be done, or whatever the road blocks are that are holding you back from achieving your goal.

I want to talk about this today because i've dealt with it recently in many aspects of my life...with dancers, friends, and even myself. There are people in every circle that focus on problems and there are people that focus on solutions. This isn't to say we all don't have bad days, and obviously no one is perfect, but generally speaking we all fall into one of the two categories.

From experience, people who focus on improving or completing the task at hand when something doesn't go your way or working around a difficult situation instead of getting stuck and saying "I can't" or "that's impossible" are the people who tend to thrive. Here's why...there are ALWAYS going to be things that don't go your way; a show that has a glitch, technique that's really difficult to master, a class that isn't executing what you're teaching properly. Working with a team, you aren't going to always see eye to eye. As a manager, school mate or friend...who would you rather work with? The person that can get the job done or the person who can't move forward when things don't go perfectly?

You don't necessarily have to be the smartest person in the room to get the job, get the role, get the life you need to be the person who can complete the task and be FLEXIBLE when things aren't perfect, because duh! they are NEVER going to be perfect.

While it may be hard, especially for perfectionist Type-A personalities (hi, I'm Cristina and i'm Type-A :/ ), by pushing past a set back or taking a detour in your approach rather than dwelling on imperfections or problems, you will arrive at your destination... meanwhile, negative Nancy is back at the roadblock with her broken down car (or mentality) having gone nowhere. Catch my drift?

The most successful people that I have come across (in life, sports, school, etc.) aren't necessary the smartest or the best, they are the ones who didn't give up when the going got tough. They focus on solutions, improvise when things don't go their way and work with their team to move forward. Moral of this blog is if something gets you down, or there's a roadblock in your flexible, take a detour and continue pushing forward, I believe in you!

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