On Pointe's 2020 plan

Wow! Another year has come and gone in what seems like a flash! 2019 was filled with growth and even a few "firsts" for us at On Pointe. We expanded On Pointe Too and it now has a beautiful, comfortable lobby and a third room. We have more students and classes than ever before at both locations. I published my first children's book. My staff and I took our own education up a notch by investing in personal development, and we have learned so much together to help our dancers grow and thrive.

I'm not one for resolutions, but something about a new year feels so refreshing and definitely inspires me to reset and set some new BIGGER goals for my self, my staff and our dancers. Our mission will always stay the same: On Pointe Dance Studios are family friendly & professional dance studios that provides a positive atmosphere where students of all ages and levels can grow and strive to be the dancer of their dreams at their pace. We believe in working hard, treating everyone with respect, giving back to the community and helping one another. At On Pointe, we know that when we help others achieve greatness, we are also helping ourselves achieve greatness.

I want to take this time to share with you my hopes, goals and new experiences for our dancers and the studios as a whole this next year:

*We are kicking the year off with an amazing start. Our pre-teen/teen performing group in Norco has been invited to perform at a King's hockey game. While we have performed at Ontario Reign and Harlem Globetrotter games, something about performing at a PROFESSIONAL sporting event is so exciting!

*We are adding a NEW recital this year and will perfom a "High School Musical" recital with our jazz, musical theater and performing group classes in September. Of course, we'll have opportunities for dancers in other classes to perform as well.

*We'll also be taking a trip to NYC in July. We took this trip for the first time in 2018 and it was definitely a special experience. Dancers 7+ and their families are invited to join us. We'll make this an On Pointe tradition and take this trip every other year. If you missed registering for this one, don't worry..we'll be going back in 2022!

*We're also bringing back our Disneyland Main Street performance with Dance The Magic in December! Information about the Disney parade will be out in March and any On Pointe dancer 7+ yrs is invited to join us in that as well

As far as classes and technique, i'm taking a little step outside of the classroom and cutting back a bit on teaching my own classes so I can be more present in both studios, make time for meeting with parents/ dancers and setting up guidance plans to help them achieve their dancing goals. I also want to make more time to be available for my staff, sit in on classes to make sure instructors are getting everything they need from me to teach the best possible classes for our dancers. You'll be happy to know that we have more classes offered than ever before..just check out the schedule to see what I mean!

Personally, i'm currently working on my second children's book about dance to be published later this year. I also plan on taking more dance classes myself and to really focusing all of my energy in the studio on being my absolute best for my staff and our dancers.

Lastly, but maybe most importantly, I want you to know my staff and I are always here for you and your family! If you have questions, comments, concerns, ideas...please share! We are on your team and work tirelessly to do provide a place of dance that has the strongest morals, highest levels of integrity, safety, cleanliness and talent. We wish you and your family an amazing New Year and look forward to dancing through 2020 with you!

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