Recital tips and tricks

Since we are getting ready for our winter recital, I wanted to share a few tips to help ease any day of recital stress, especially if your child has more than one routine. We'll have On Pointe's recital line up posted on-line and in the studio one week prior to recital so you know which costume your child should come dressed in. If your child has a tights change (ex: pink tights for one routine and tan for the next), layer their tights. That means if they start with pink tights, put the tan tights on underneath so when it comes time to change, they just have to slide off the pink tights, saving quite a few minutes! If you are not backstage with your child and they have costume change, fill out an index size card for each routine and attach to their costume with the order of their costumes and required hair, accessories, etc. (ex: 2. Snowflakes, hair: high bun, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. 3. Time for Tea, hair: high ponytail, tan tights, tan jazz shoes). This will make it easy, breezy for our backstage volunteers to help assist your child most efficiently.

The week before recital, we'll be holding meetings the last 5 minutes of each class to make sure parents/ students know what to expect the day of recital. Please make sure you are present. Dancers 5+ yrs will be required to arrive 1 hr before their recital call time to check in backstage. Please make sure they eat a good meal and stay hydrated. When they are backstage, there are water fountains but we move pretty quickly and only provide snacks in an emergency. If your child eats before coming backstage, they should be sustained for the duration of the recital.

Should there be any emergencies backstage, we will call a parent backstage via the microphone and you will be able to tend to your child. Our main goal is to keep all dancers safe backstage and make recital stress free and enjoyable for everyone.

Stay posted for next week's blog post on how you can help your dancer get stage ready!

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