The difference between performing group & competition team: choosing the right fit

As we start gearing up for our 2019/20 dance season, I want to share the difference in our performing group and competition teams, the opportunities they offer dancers to perform and how to choose the best fit for your child.

Both teams will provide your child with numerous skills (listed below) that will carry them through their life. The seasons run from July 15, 2019-June recital 2020 for performing group and September 1, 2019-June/July 2020 Nationals for competition team:

•ability to work with others towards a common goal

•increased strength and ability

•self confidence

•showmanship skills

•increased mental toughness

...and FUN of course!

Performing group:

Performing groups at On Pointe start at 4 yrs old and are based solely on age. We do not hold auditions for this group. The only requirement is that a dancer must be in one additional dance class each week.

Performing group dancers for our 2019/20 season will perform at community events such as...

•Ontario Reign game

•Run4Kids- 100 mile club

•OC/IE Arthritis Walk

•Norco fair

•City events

•All Things Kids Expo

•The Mission Inn Festival of Lights

•RUHS Festival of Trees

•1 dance competition

•On Pointe recitals

...just to name a few

This team is for ANY dancers between 4-18 yrs who want to learn and grow in dance through performing without the intensity and commitment of competition team. Community is so important to me and I love connecting our community with our dancers through performing group. Fees associated with performing group in addition to dance class tuition for 2019/20 season are: $300 ($150 deposit due July 15, $150 balance due Sept 15)

•team costume (including required jewelry & accessories)

•team uniform (top and pants)

•required make up

•choreography fee

**required dance shoes and competition fee entry are the only mandatory item not included in above fee. Performances may require admission ticket to events and vary by event.

Competition Team:

Competition teams at On Pointe start at 4 yrs old and are decided via auditions that will be held in late July for our 2019/20 season (See performing group/competition team page for specific dates/times). Competition teams will attend 3 regional and 1 National competition, in addition to a few community events and On Pointe’s June recital.

This team is for select dancers between 4-18 yrs who are ready to take their dance technique to the next level, via a 10 month commitment with limited absence. If your dancer displays hard work, a positive attitude in and out of class, displays exceptional dance talent and like with performing group, is ready to build self confidence, mental toughness and showmanship skills..this is the team for them! Class requirements vary by age/ styles of dance that will be competed. Fees associated with competition team, in addition to dance class tuition for 2019/2020 season will be discussed at our parent informational meeting in late June (date/time TBD) but will include...

•$150 deposit towards below fees due upon making the team

(by Aug 15)

•2 Mandatory dance conventions/ workshops

•team costume (including required jewelry & accessories)

•3 regional competition entry fees

•required make-up

•1 national competition entry fee

•choreography fees per routine

•rehearsal fees

•team uniform- if needed (jacket, pants, top)

Competition team requires a serious time and financial commitment from families who participate. All important dates and fees will be given out at the parent informational meeting In June.

With both teams, my goal is to provide a positive experience for dancers and families alike.

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