On Pointe Dance Team & Competition Team

If your child is interested in being on our 2020/2021 competition team, please see below for audition dates:


August 7th, 2020 @ On Pointe Too

August 8th, 2020 @ On Pointe Norco 

Email Cristina@onpointedance.org to schedule a make up audition if you are unable to make the audition dates above

**Female dancers must wear a black leotard (may wear spandex shorts over), tights or leggings are optional with hair in a secure bun to auditions and bring all dance shoe styles auditioning for. Male dancers must wear all black dance attire.

Our number one goal at On Pointe is to create a positive and friendly environment where students can excel in dance at their own pace, in a safe environment. Not all dancers are the same. We have different bodies, different minds, different strengths and different goals. Our instructors have On Pointe dancers best interest in mind. We will provide your child with the tools they will need to progress as a dancer.

Dance Team will perform at local fairs, professional hockey and basketball games, charity events and more!

-All dance team members must be enrolled in the dance team class for their age, in addition to one separate dance class weekly (can be any style/day/time)

Competition team dancers will compete at 3 local competitions and one National competition and are strongly encouraged to be on our performing group.


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