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2-3 yrs

Up to 1 hr per day, 3 hr per week**

4-5 yrs

Up to 1 hr per day, 4 hr per week**

6-8 yrs

Up to 3 hr per day, 8 hr per week** *

9-12 yrs

Up to 3 hr per day, 12 hr per week*


Up to 4 hr per day, 16 hr per week*

**Children under 8 yrs old are invited to enroll in no more than 8 hrs of dance classes per week, with children under 5 invited to enroll in no more than 4 hours per week.

*Dancers enrolled in more than 6 hrs per week are required to take 1 hr of the following for every 3 hrs of competitive or technique classes-pilates, PBT, acro/yoga or yoga




At On Pointe our main goal is to provide a healthy and positive environment, where dancers of all ages and levels will THRIVE at their pace.  It is very important that dancers, and children athletes in general are healthy both physically and mentally. While physical activity is both necessary and beneficial, there is such a thing as too much exercise and too much training. In addition to proper nutrition, adequate sleep, time for free play, homework and family time the guideline below should be used to help your child thrive.

Please see below for our guidelines of the maximum amount a child should exercise/ train in dance per week.

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