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Jannelle started training in 2015 at a small dance named Studio 9 for 3 years. She trained in all styles but really loved hip hop and started competing as a hip hop dancer. Jannelle has danced with medium and large hip hop groups at World of Dance San Diego and World of Dance LA as well as local talent shows. In 2017, Jannelle was apart of the varsity dance team at my high school which is where she grew her confidence in creating choreography and  received multiple best hip hop choreography awards.


After high school, Jannelle started as a hip hop dance instructor at Ferguson’s Dance Center and then moved onto being an assistant dance coach at Nuview Bridge Early College High school. Her teams competed with large groups at the dance competition, Sharp, and placed 3rd place for hip hop. She later became an assistant dance coach at Orange Vista High School. Her team there has competed at West Coast Elite including Jazz, Pom, and Hip Hop. Jannelle is now the Head coach at Orange Vista High School.


She is excited to be a part of the On Pointe staff and wants to continue to show her love for dance through choreography and hopes to inspire my students to become better dancers.

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